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Experience and insights sharing after two weeks of using MacBook Air M1 with M1 chip.

How I Got It#

First of all, I got the most basic configuration with 8GB RAM and 256GB storage. I purchased it from JD.com with a student discount of 7199 yuan. The price on Pinduoduo, the price butcher, was already 6999 yuan at that time, but I still felt that the official store had a lower chance of encountering problems. However, because the official website was too slow in shipping and it might not be shipped until after the Chinese New Year, I finally chose JD.com. Of course, both Taobao and JD.com support student discounts.

Taobao Channel#

After verifying my student status through Alipay, I could directly purchase from the official Apple flagship store on Taobao and the student price would be automatically displayed.

JD.com Channel#

For JD.com, you need to verify your student status and also obtain something called a purchase code to buy Apple products. It takes about one or two days for the verification process. Search for student verification - JD Campus in the search bar, and first verify your student identity through simple information. After passing the verification, choose education discount and click to get the purchase code. I had to upload my information three times before it was approved. The review process is quite strict, so don't try to deceive them.


Portability 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 - Carrying a Windows gaming laptop is really tiring, while the MacBook Air is the lightest and has the best cost performance in the most basic configuration. Upgrading the touch bar, memory, or storage would cost around 1500 yuan, which is a bit difficult (although I now regret not upgrading to 16GB). Plus, it is convenient to carry for classes or when going out.

Battery Life 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 - The battery life is really unbeatable. It's not a problem to use it for a whole day of classes.

Performance 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 - This can be seen from various evaluations. However, whether it can perform well still depends on its compatibility.


Compatibility 🌟🌟🌟 - Although many popular software have been adapted for the M1 chip, this is still a significant issue. However, it will take time.
For example, the Visual Studio Code Insider (adapted for M1) version that I installed couldn't be opened the next day. I have encountered error issues three times, as mentioned in my article.
This morning, when I opened the laptop, the screen was black...

There are also some minor bugs, such as the software downloaded from the App Store not appearing in the Launchpad, as well as a few UI design bugs, and so on.

Useful Tips#

Installation and Downloading of Applications#

Here, I want to remind you that the App Store on M1 is basically useless. There are very few software available, and the software inside is often not the most suitable. Please try to download the software from the official website of the software. I am annoyed with software downloads because many servers are located abroad, so there may be network problems or being blocked when downloading from foreign websites. When downloading, check if there is an installation file adapted for the M1 chip. Although most software for Intel processors can still run on it.

Hardware Recommendations#


I feel that 8GB is only suitable for office work and light usage, such as browsing the web and watching videos, etc. The MacBook system itself consumes quite a lot of memory. For users who use it heavily, I recommend purchasing the 16GB version for a better user experience. For example, when I have IntelliJ IDEA and Microsoft Edge running, the memory usage is almost 80%...

Storage Space#

Of course, as a secondary machine, I purchased the 256GB version. However, based on the advice of my MacBook-only classmates, if you are only planning to buy one computer, it is recommended to choose a higher storage capacity. Alternatively, you can choose to buy a portable hard drive for better cost performance. But you will also need a hub for connecting various interfaces. Another option is to choose a Type-C interface for a portable storage device.

Some Software Recommendations#


keka - A useful compression software. I recommend downloading the free version from the official website. The version on the App Store requires payment.
IINA - An excellent media player software.
Tencent Lemon - A trustworthy computer manager. I recommend downloading the complete version from the official website.
JetBrains software - No need to say more, those who know, know. I registered with my educational email, so it's activated for free and can be used until graduation.
Folx - A great download manager software that can replace Internet Download Manager (IDM) on Windows.
Xmind - A good mind mapping software. I bought the full platform version from the US with a student discount, which is cheaper than the one in China (no student discount available in China), and it's quite cost-effective.

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