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About the user experience of the Ningzhi NIZ Electrostatic Capacitive Keyboard

Update on 2022.10.28#

Unfortunately, after a little over two years, I encountered a Bluetooth connection issue with the keyboard. It can no longer pair with new devices, and even the old devices cannot connect. What's going on? I tried countless methods such as driver updates and verification, but none of them worked. For now, I can only use it with a wired connection.

However, I have to say that it has been a great keyboard that has accompanied me for two years, but perhaps the quality control needs to be improved.

Update on 2021.07.08#

Changed the keycaps again, how does it look?


Is an Electrostatic Capacitive Keyboard Really Better Than a Mechanical Keyboard? - Zhihu
One night, when I was bored, I searched on Taobao and got hooked. It was hard not to buy it. So I searched repeatedly for HHKB, and I think I have the potential to find a low price. As expected, I was tempted!!! It's so amazing!
First, I compared Taobao and JD.com, and I found that the promotional prices on both platforms were the same, three hundred yuan cheaper than the original price. However, the Double Twelve promotion on Taobao would start on December 10th. But the Bluetooth dual-mode silent white version without key legends that I liked was unexpectedly out of stock on JD.com... That's a bit awkward. So I used my school's VPN to check the price in the UK, and it turned out to be more expensive, as expected. Because the UK is known for its high prices in electronic products. When I looked back, I found that many proxy stores were selling at the original price. I had no choice but to wait until the 10th.
Then I read this Comparison of Electrostatic Capacitive Keyboards - NIZ & Realforce & Leopold & HHKB (Continuously Updated) - Zhihu
It mentioned various shortcomings of HHKB, and I suddenly discovered many new brands of electrostatic capacitive keyboards. So my curiosity drove me to discover the brand NIZ. It is a domestic brand, while the other brands are all made in Japan, so it can be considered breaking the "monopoly" of Japanese brands.
Then I looked it up, and what impressed me was that the company was named after the founder's daughter. Haha, if I start my own company in the future, I would also like to name it like that.
This can be said to be the only electrostatic capacitive keyboard manufacturing company in China today. Combined with its high cost-effectiveness, I decided not to buy HHKB.
So I carefully considered and placed an order with a proxy store because they had "Hello world!" written on the spacebar. As a computer science student and a future programmer, I am more inclined towards this model, even if it means giving up the smaller 66-key layout for the 68-key layout. And I am very likely to become a member of the customized keyboard community because I really love this keyboard. It is only one-third of the price of HHKB, which is really great. Considering the promotional prices of these brands are not likely to be much lower, it is still a good investment. Maybe I won't lose much if I sell it on a second-hand platform after using it for a few years.
Then today, I finally received it. So the article you are reading now is typed with this keyboard. I really like this feeling. I have a feeling that I have never had before, which is a love for the keyboard. Every time I type, I consciously think, "Wow, it's really lightweight!!"

After receiving it, I found out that this keyboard supports mouse control and can switch between two devices for the dual-mode version. It's perfect for me since I have a computer and an iPad, and it even came with Mac layout keycaps. NIZ supports 35g of actuation force, while HHKB only supports 45g. Thinking about how light 35g is, it didn't disappoint me when I actually used it. The only downside is that it's more prone to accidental keystrokes, and I tend to unintentionally press certain keys. But I highly recommend it for programmers! NIZ can be charged, while HHKB can only use batteries. This actually confirms HHKB's claim that it is the programmer's last keyboard, so the charging function is not that important because battery degradation will affect battery life in the long run. In this aspect, I still prefer HHKB's philosophy.

2.2 It has been a long time since I started using this keyboard, so let me briefly share my in-depth experience. The issue of accidental keystrokes has been perfectly resolved. It's just a matter of getting used to a new keyboard.

Afterward, I changed the keycaps to the following:
Who can resist the colors of a macho man?

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