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Recording a complete reinstallation of the Windows system - Savior keyboard failure - Y7000P2019 fights again for two years!


The Y7000P keyboard that has been with me for over three and a half years has malfunctioned. Almost all keys, including "Num Lock," are not working. However, combination keys like "fn+space" and "fn+f10" for adjusting keyboard backlight and touchpad are functioning properly, and the keyboard in the BIOS can also be used.


Solution 1?#

I tried shutting down the computer, unplugging all interfaces, and then plugging them back in after the computer finished booting up, but it didn't work after countless attempts.

Solution 2?#

I asked a nearby repair shop, and they said it's a motherboard issue and would cost over 500+ to fix it. However, after searching, it seems to be a common problem with this model, so it's not necessary to spend that much money.

Solution - USB Installation#

Coincidentally, I felt that the system was running slow, so I decided to reinstall the system using a USB drive. To ensure a clean installation, I didn't download the official Lenovo image (which comes with Lenovo PC Manager, etc.).
Microsoft Download Link
Choose Create Windows 11 Installation to download the installation software via USB or DVD. Insert the USB drive and run the software, and the download process is straightforward.

Shut down the computer, then press and hold F2 to enter the BIOS (the key may vary depending on the model) and set USB boot as the first option. If it's already enabled, adjust the boot order to prioritize USB, save the settings, and restart. If it's not enabled, enable it, save the settings, and repeat entering the BIOS.
Note: Check if there is UEFI or EFI before the USB boot option. If not, adjust the boot mode to legacy instead of UEFI.
After restarting, enter the installation page. I'll skip some steps here and focus on the frustrating parts during my installation.

Common Mistakes#


❌Since I wanted a complete reinstallation, I formatted all partitions on all hard drives.
✔For a complete installation, you should delete all partitions. This will give you a single unpartitioned disk, and selecting to install on the entire disk will automatically set up the boot partition for you.


During the installation process, there will be multiple restarts. Do not perform any operations and do not remove the USB drive!

Initial Setup#

The installation will be completed automatically, and then the computer will shut down automatically. If there is no response after two or three minutes, unplug the USB drive and then turn on the computer again to enter the initial setup page. During this period, my computer was very slow, especially when it came to system-related operations. Some software couldn't be installed, and neither could the drivers.
Just restart after completing the initial setup. It may take longer than usual to restart, but after that, you will be able to install the software and drivers that couldn't be installed before. And I found that the system is faster than before the reinstallation!


However, the fundamental problem of the keyboard malfunction was not solved. The keyboard still couldn't be used after the second restart. So, I performed the solution mentioned earlier (Solution 1), unplugging all connectors and restarting, and it was restored.
So, from now on, it will be a bit troublesome before starting up, but it's not a big issue.

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