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Join the hip-hop society, first performance, first club performance.


I usually enjoy listening to hip-hop, especially English hip-hop. I also try to cover some songs. So when I heard that our school was establishing a hip-hop society, I was quite excited. After singing a song, "BOP" by DaBaby, for the members preparing for the performance, I successfully joined the hip-hop society.
This kind of performance is my first time, but compared to those relatively formal stages (such as school evening parties), I prefer the atmosphere of a club. Because of the alcohol and the club atmosphere, I don't really have to worry about making mistakes. Haha, all I have to do is to create a lively atmosphere. Below is a video and the original song from my performance.

Songs Performed

BOP - DaBaby

Bank Account - 21 Savage


Because the microphone volume was low, I had to shout while singing, as if I had become 6ix9ine. In the second song, "Bank Account," I made several mistakes because I didn't have in-ear monitors. But luckily, the fake dollar bills bought by the members were scattered all over the club, and combined with the catchy trap beats of "Bank Account," everyone was jumping along.
Looking back, "BOP" can be considered a more technical type of rap. The song as a whole is relatively mellow and not very exciting, and it's not widely known. This resulted in the outer circle of the audience not having a strong resonance. However, the inner circle of the audience was still able to move along with the rhythm.
This also taught me that unless it's a hip-hop dedicated event, it's better to perform songs that everyone can understand and are more familiar with.

Overall, it was a memorable experience. When the music ended, I truly felt cool.

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