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Chatter, prejudice, equality, race.

Title: Chattering Prejudice, Equality, and Race
Date: 2021-03-12 06:54:24.804
Updated: 2022-08-13 02:59:12.484
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There is no one in this world whose heart is filled with an infallible balance. If there is, it does not exist in the world within our cognition, because "error" is reasonable, and "absolute correctness" is what is worth delving into. Perhaps only the existence of a higher-dimensional being beyond cognition can truly achieve equality.

I consider myself a person who can analyze the pros and cons and understand things clearly, but I have realized that I was wrong. I understand that everything has two sides, and there is no constant thing, nor does anything exist without reason. This is also the criterion I use to judge anything. However, no one can treat everything in the world with equality.

I oppose all racial discrimination and insist on racial equality. All people are born equal, and this is beyond doubt. It is positive to strive for equality in the face of inequality, but it cannot justify the violence, looting, and harm to others in the riots of "Black Lives Matter". When I browse videos of black people committing robberies posted by domestic media, the comments below are filled with "black people []", even mixed with the N-word. There is no doubt that this is extremely offensive.
Speaking of black people, other races label them as lazy and prone to violence and crime. As an international student, when it comes to racial discrimination, I always think of the helplessness of my classmates who have experienced racial discrimination abroad, and then I post to warn those discriminators to maintain the most basic respect for a race. However, I became the target of attack by those people. As people who have also been discriminated against, it is ridiculous and helpless to mock another group of people who have been discriminated against.

The emergence of biased ideas often happens subconsciously. As for myself, when I encounter unreasonable people, I do have a genuine dislike for them, and even look down on them. But whether I can see the two sides of things depends on my mindset. I am not willing to discuss the remarks of the ignorant, but aren't racial discriminators ignorant? When something truly affects oneself or contradicts one's own values, and when it harms oneself or one's interests, it is human nature to develop a dislike for it. This often leads to the emergence of prejudice. Of course, for the ignorant, whether it is related to oneself is not a clear judgment criterion. But when everything is unrelated to oneself or one's group, one often considers the overall situation and arrives at a fair and just answer, because it does not involve one's own emotions and interests.

I have never seen a yellow-skinned person stand up for a black person who is being discriminated against, the same goes for role reversal. Even if there is, their image will also be crushed under the poisonous tongues of their compatriots. Just like the various classes and races in the United States can never unite and resist the government and capital together.

In the eyes of many Chinese people, black people are seen as lazy and prone to theft, while in the eyes of many foreigners, Chinese people and Chinese Americans are seen as cunning and submissive. However, in any country, in any organization, there will be bad and negative things, but these do not represent the image of the entire nation or group. The proportion of Chinese gamers using cheats is relatively high, and many foreigners discriminate against Chinese gamers. But what remains unchanged is that in the "Black Lives Matter" movement, there are also people who stand up and call for the legal pursuit of racial equality, starting with improving themselves; there are also Chinese people who condemn Chinese gamers using cheats and call for players to improve their overall quality. There will always be people who stand up.

I have always believed that since it is impossible to change those people's views, the only thing we can do is to improve ourselves. Although this sometimes cannot prevent incidents of discrimination from happening, it is the only thing that we have control over.

Added and revised on April 11, 2021

I have not found any public figures with yellow skin speaking out for "BLACK LIVE MATTER", but that movement was filled with violence and various other things, so it is not entirely a just movement, which is understandable.
However, in "STOP ASIAN HATE", I have seen black public figures such as Rihanna and Cardi B speaking out for us, which has changed my previous viewpoint.

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