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How to set up and enable startup commands in Linux


Suppose I want my Linux device to automatically run two commands at startup:

cd /test
nohup python3 -m http.server 6666

❗tips: Why use nohup? Because nohup is a silent command that does not output to the terminal, the log will be stored in the /test/nohup.out file.


.sh File#

Create a file named test.sh, enter the following combined code:


(cd /test && nohup python3 -m http.server 6666) &

Here, use the && operator to ensure that the nohup command is only executed after the cd command is successfully executed. The & symbol is used to run the nohup python3 -m http.server 6666 command in the background.

.service File#

Create a file named test.service in the /etc/systemd/system directory, type:

Description=HTTP Server



Use the following commands to enable and start the service:

sudo systemctl enable test.service
sudo systemctl start test.service

Done, the nohup python3 -m http.server 6666 command will automatically run when Linux starts.

Stop the service:

sudo systemctl stop http_server.service

Disable the service:

sudo systemctl disable http_server.service
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